A Daughter's Search for her Father is the true story of what happened to Margaret's biological Father who was murdered in the holocaust. Margaret was born during World War II in Amsterdam the result of a loving relationship between a young Dutch girl and a German man. However her Father being German, during World War II the enemies of the Dutch people, was the reason nobody in her Mother's family wanted to talk about her birth. 

 Then on a trip to Amsterdam in 2008 Bruce was able to obtain Margaret's original birth certificate. Find out how Bruce was able to trace the Bauer family history where Margaret's Grandfather Gustav Bauer became the 11th Chancellor of Germany in 1919. Then in 1933, the year the Nazi party came to power, he is accused by Hitler of stealing 30,000,000 RM from the German people. Because of these accusations the Bauer family decided to sent their son Wilhelm Bauer to the Netherlands where he meets a beautiful Dutch girl, they fall in love, and nine months later Margaret is born. Shortly after her birth, through jealousy, it was reported to the Nazi Authorities that Margaret's Father was a Jew and for a Jewish person to have a sexual relation with someone of the Aryan race was against the Anti-Semitic Law's. Bauer was arrested and sent to Thereseinstadt concentration camp where his identity was stolen by Anton Burger the SS Commander who after the War assumes Wilhelm Bauer's name and lived out the rest of his life in Essen Germany. Burgers true identity wasn't revealed until 1994, three years after his death at age 80. Please purchase a book from these book sellers  by entering my name Bruce Eekma the Author.